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Aural Escuela - November 25, 2020

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On Wednesday November 25, 3PM Buenos Aires Time, Audio Expertos 2020 gave us the last talk of our members this year!

In this third day, the Acoustics & Auditory Perception Department showed the work of a year. First, Federico Lorenzo Martin did a survey of a series of experimental tests that make a clear statement: a good perception of sound space on binaural, headphone-based listening, can be successfully experienced with previous training only based on perceptual feedback, not on personalized HRTFs. With the necessary previous concepts needed to process that information, Federico conducted a precise description of concepts that could be a solution for the perception of specific 3D audio program in the near future.

After, Julian Perasso and Federico Morales —with Julian Ochat support- showed concepts and resources to enhance the acoustics in specific home studio setups, at an initial level. ,This talk is, in a certain way, a natural second-part of the Acoustics in the Home Studio webinar that the section did twice this year.

Finally, Julian Ochat, Diego Flores and Nicolas Fernandez talked of a research project based on the necessary concepts required to develop a porous absorber calculator over the spectrum. Flow resistivity, porous types, viscosity, and other concepts were showed in order to implement specific regional solutions: not all fiber glass makers here in Argentina gave all the technical specifications needed, so this is a way to contribute to that aspect of local acoustics.

Thanks to everybody who came in live, in Zoom and Youtube! The link is here:

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