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Aural Escuela - November 23, 2020

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On Monday November 23, 3PM Buenos Aires Time, Audio Expertos 2020 started!

In this first day, our 3D Audio & Soundscapes Department showed the work of a year: Carla Gatica, Martín Adrover, Julián Perasso, David Joya and Diego Flores gave us the opportunity to listen to their music & soundscapes. After a brief presentation by the Faculty Advisor and César Lamschtein, our VP in Latin America and Zoom manager (thanks César!), the guys started: they tell us how the resources obtained (plug-ins, ideas from brainstorming in official and unofficial meetings, books, conferences, papers) helped them to develop methods to construct sound design in Ambisonics. Carla worked on music, pop/rock song electronic oriented with hybrid stereo-3rd order techniques, Martín on 1st order in instrumental music merged with an urban soundscape, Julián on 1st order entirely on a jungle soundscape, David on a 5th order modern battlefield and Diego on a 3rd order "Lovecraft Dream" (that's the best way I can describe that soundscape).

All of them started from scratch, so the recordings, mounting of sound files and all of the design was made in order to reach one purpose: to contribute in building rules of 3D sound design, trying to find out what work and what doesn't. All the workflow of each project was showed, so it was an excellent opportunity not only for the ones who already work on Ambisonics and other 3D technologies, but also for starters —the basics of Ambisonics routing was touched several times-.

Thanks to everybody who came in live, in Zoom and Youtube! The link is here:

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