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Aural Escuela - October 25, 2020

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Last Sunday 25, and also, last Wednesday 28 of October, new meetings were held by a part of the department of "acoustics and perception" and the department of "3D audio and soundscapes", respectively. Both meetings had as main slogan to finalize details about what will be the exhibitions in the framework of the "Audio Experts 2020", a series of talks held and organized by "Aural Escuela", which will also include interventions of outside the school.
The gathered group of "acoustics and perception" is a branch of said department dedicated to research on porous absorbent materials, which will present not only the work in progress of the corresponding topic, but also a more generalized approach about how different phenomena occur inside these materials.
The department of "3D audio and soundscapes", on the other hand, will be in charge of showing us a solid work based on immersive audio in Ambisonics format applied to the creation of soundscapes of their own authorship, one for each member, and also in some cases, musical material mixed in this format. One of the objectives of the talk will be to disseminate the possibilities of this branch of immersive audio rooted in the paradigm of "scene based audio", different from others such as "object based audio" and "channel based audio".
We look forward to a very complete event in its entirety for the "Audio Experts 2020" where we will also have other departments from the student section and speakers from outside the school of great knowledge and recognition.

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