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Aural Escuela - October 25, 2020

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On 25/10 a part of our Acoustics and Auditory Perception department held a new meeting in relation to the investigation of a flow resistivity calculator, specifically to be applied for glass wool. This meeting was held on Wednesday 15, and in it, the points to be discussed in the exhibition that will take place in November (Audio Expertos 2020) were finally defined.
A presentation of different factors that affect absorption in glass wool and in the porous materials themselves will be presented. These factors include the porosity, the radius of the fibres, their internal distribution and as main: the flow resistivity. This will be presented, along with an explanation of the advances in the investigation, as work in progress made by Nicolás Fernández, Julián Ochat and Diego Flores.
Also, we discussed the new study material that we have (material by J. C. Giménez de Paz), and in addition, about our approaches with said material to continue with our objectives.
Later, on 30/10, the other part of our Department gathered in order to view the state of work made by Federico Morales and Julián Perasso in their Home Studios, coordinated by Julián Ochat. This activities will be also part of Audio Expertos 2020, possibly in the same day assigned for the flow resistivity talk.

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