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Webster University - October 1, 2020

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October brought some exciting opportunities for Webster AES members this year! With Audio Month in full swing to replace the New York convention, students who attended were busy going to every panel they could, the 7 Audio Wonders of the World tours, and keynote speakers.

AES meetings this month consisted of discussions on how to stay creative during a pandemic and different applications of sound in media- including effects in major movie franchises.

Webster hosted 2 guest speakers over Zoom this month too. AES's very own John Krivit discussed how to succeed in the industry when just starting a career and how to adapt to new ways of doing things, especially in this pandemic. He gave some great advice and shared lots of anecdotes about his experiences as an engineer.

Bob Horner, owner of a local St. Louis production company, Ironman Sound Industries, also spoke to students in a Zoom call with an open Q&A. Some students asked about live productions and how ISI approaches them, touring, and working with artists on the road. Horner emphasized the trust needed with clients to be a live engineer and the importance of skills in multiple fields when working with a production company.

Next month has a lot in store for Webster, including our first Concert Series of the year, to be broadcast on Facebook Live, November 12th.

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