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Aural Escuela - September 28, 2020

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A new meeting of the 3D Audio and soundscapes department was held last Monday 28. In it, we spoke about our future exhibition in the event that we will celebrate at the end of the year, called "Audio Expertos 2020". Our advances converge in the creation of soundscapes created in Ambisonics format, the same being approached from different logics and methods, which will be detailed, along with the reproduction of sound material, in the "Audio Expertos 2020".
The way of thinking a sound scene has its differences with the conception of music, and within the projects faced in our last year's work, immersive audio work with music is now getting farther and farther away (in this idea of conception). This change of ideas in the creative moment was highlighted in the meeting, and it is probably also one of the topics to be addressed in the talk. In such context, Rodriguez showed some examples of theoretical approaches to this subject (Trevor Wishart's On Sonic Art and resources obtained from an specific ASA webinar).
In addition to preparing for the event, we discussed the importance of headtracking and the possibility of building headtracking devices with Arduino technology and connection by OSC with the different spatialization plugins available. Given the possibility of plugins such as the Sparta suite to receive OSC messages to do a decoding Binaural monitored with headtracking, doors are opened for this project that would improve our monitoring of the scene.

These, among other things, were a topic of conversation in our last meeting. We hope the best for our presentation at the "Audio Experts 2020"!

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