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Aural Escuela - September 16, 2020

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Last Wednesday 16, four members of our Acoustics & Auditory Perception Department held a new meeting by videoconference with our mates Indio Gauvron and Andrea Farina in order to show our new practical and theoretical advances about a calculator for porous absorbent materials that includes, among other things, parameters like flow resistivity. Our Faculty Advisor, Leandro Rodríguez, also present in the project, accompanied the day in the same way.
We continue in research while reinforcing the concepts within the theoretical framework of the project. The advances that have been made also include new starting points to cling and continue the research, because now, we have taken the first steps, not only from the theoretical side, but also from the practical one. Although understanding how flow resistivity affects the absorption coefficient of a material is one of the main steps, on the horizon we see the possibility of considering other important parameters to finally arrive at a reliable result in terms of calculating the absorption coefficient. Within our observations, for example, we understood the great impact that minimal changes on the porosity of the material have on the final flow resistivity result, being greatly affected by this. Our next steps will be guided by bibliography by Trevor Cox, Peter D'antonio, Juan Cruz Gimenez de Paz and different papers on the subject, among others, such as Indio Gauvron himself, who showed and explained some of his work based on Gimenez de Paz research in the meeting.
We remain excited by what this research can contribute, and for that reason we stand firm in the investigation, hoping to show our work in progress in the Audio Expertos 2020 event in November.

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