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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - October 1, 2020

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This meeting had featured Sydney Kearney, one of CRAS' past graduates of 2015, who had since gone on to become the Studio Operations Manager of East/West Studios in Hollywood, California. She had provided to us information regarding the current state of business being conducted at the studios in East/West, and how business is still thriving regardless of the pandemic. She also left the Q&A portion wide open to our students and faculty members and took the time to answer every question asked. She also addressed many hot topics, such as being a woman in the audio industry, the importance of remaining humble and teachable, the challenges faced when working with abrasive personalities, and professional conduct and interaction while working with clients. She also touched on the dynamics of communication while working in a professional recording studio, as well as the etiquette and work ethic required to be successful in this business.

She had spoken from personal experience, retaining the patience to answer everybody's questions thoroughly, and ended the meeting with a very entertaining anecdote. It was much appreciated for her to take the time out of her busy schedule to meet with us.

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