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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 21, 2020

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The focus of this week's meeting was on "Being Prepared". While many of the regulars at our meetings are newer to CRAS, several are on the other side, getting close to internship. It's always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time and to make solid plans, even if you have to change them along the way! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To emphasize this idea, we had a past grad from 2015 give advice to us about our internships and what she's done since graduating, and both our student led segments "Tip of the Week" and "Marketing Yourself in the Industry" were about this concept as well.

Julianna began the meeting by welcoming everyone, talking a little bit about AES and what the student chapter at CRAS is all about. She then went over the upcoming events in the school calendar, including guest speaker Alex Oana from Audio Test Kitchen coming virtually this Thursday! This was immediately followed by our "Tip of the Week" which was brought to us by Aaron C! Aaron discussed the importance of finding ways to save money, especially as students. One of the ways he does this is going to the dollar store and purchasing the weekly ads/coupons for $1. Aaron enthusiastically described how much money he has saved this way and how he can pocket the extra cash and save it for other things. A link in the chat was added for a Chrome add-on that will find coupons and promos for you as well! The conversation was quite interesting and it was mutually agreed that the topic of money and how best to use it and save it needs to be discussed more.

Following this was another round of Gear Show & Tell. This week we took a look at an SM57 mic, an Alesis Mixer, and the Neotek Elite, which was being used at school by a student in attendance. While this is not the first time the Neotek has been shared, it's always super helpful for students who haven't had much time on the console to get more information about it!

After this, Arean opened up another segment of "Marketing Yourself in the Industry" and talked a little with the group about voice inflection and how your tone can further promote your intent or damage it depending on how it comes across.
John Connell then took the floor to talk about the mentor meetings and to share about his new audio mixing subgroup!

We then welcomed past grad Carli Storms to talk to us for a bit about herself, when she graduated and what she's done since leaving CRAS. The conversation with Carli lasted about twenty minutes and during that time, the students were able to chat with her and ask questions about where she interned, what her career trajectory was post-internship and what she is currently working on. Carli discussed and emphasized how critical it is to have a game plan before leaving school, because having that plan will often save you a great deal of time and money. She also empathized with the current situation, and offered her contact information if any student wanted to reach out for personal advice regarding how to navigate the audio industry during Covid.

The last portion of the meeting was led by Leo. Normally our mix breakdown each week revolves around music, but this week we took a look at 2 post production sessions! Leo showed us how he took 2 separate film segments and completely recreated the sound effects for them himself. Watching his version, you almost couldn't tell that it wasn't the actual movie!

The meeting ended with a round of Kahoot and information on how to get ahead with the certification program offered by CRAS

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