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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 7, 2020

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Tonight's meeting centered around the idea of community. For several weeks, we have been discussing the need - now more than ever - for community and togetherness. Tonight we had several students engage and participate in the meeting, bringing their own ideas, tips and even personal work they've created to the table.

To start, Julianna introduced the topic of the week, "What sound drives you crazy?" Many of the questions we've had so far have been more serious in nature, which made this question a bit more lighthearted in terms of responses! Answers varied from styrofoam to chalkboards, crying babies to smoke detectors. We had a couple that were a bit more detailed, like "the sound made when someone bites down on a fork" and "felt marker tips on construction paper". Many of the sounds mentioned were mutually agreed upon as terrible, which made for some really funny conversation!

Following this, another round of Gear Show & Tell was led by MO. This week we took a look at some AKG headphones and Mo discussed the usefulness of purchasing an external full size keyboard! He mentioned that they can easily be found at any thrift store much cheaper than buying new, and showed us his new awesome keyboard he found for $5.

After this, Arean talked a little with the group about his plan to highlight each Monday night meeting with some tips about audio business and how to best present yourself in the workplace. He led tonight with the concept of "implicit tone" and how to use inflection in your voice to add emphasis and strength to your speech.

Gianni then took a moment to talk about his Post Production subgroup and a foley session he'll be hosting this week, along with a new series he'll be doing over Zoom regarding overall health and wellness. We also received a really great tip for how to edit PDF documents using Acrobat!

John Connell then took the floor to talk about the mentor meetings and to discuss upcoming study group sessions. He then opened up a mix he's been working on with an indie artist, and talked with the students about how he mixed the song. His tips included info on panning, phase, some EQ, plug ins and overall session organization.

The meeting ended with a round of Kahoot.

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