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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 20, 2020

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While there have been many things during Covid-19 that have made life more challenging, a positive change for students has been greater and easier access to manufacturers and professionals in the industry. Tonight, we all got a peek into what goes on at Warm Audio! It was truly fabulous to talk to someone who has been part of microphone manufacturing for over a decade, and learn more about the specific microphone that we obtain as part of our laptop package here at CRAS!

Ben spent a great deal of time being very genuine and open with the students, interacting with them and helping them to understand how he sees the audio industry in current times, answering questions and giving a little of his own background, starting at Blue and transitioning more recently over to Warm. This brought about some great conversation about the differences that Ben saw with the two microphones that CRAS has given as part of the laptop package: the Blue Spark and Warm Audio 47jr. The most noticeable difference Ben mentioned was in the size of the capsule, with the 47jr being just a bit larger. However, there were other differences mentioned, including differing levels of pad, polar patterns, max SPL, and overall cost.

The entire presentation, including answering questions from students, was about an hour and a half. What was especially neat was that the last half of the presentation was an "up close and personal" Q&A, with topics ranging from the history of Warm Audio, how long Ben had been with the company and why he loves it so much, how an internship with Warm can be obtained and where Warm is located in order to go and visit in the future. Ben even fielded suggestions from students of what kinds of products they'd love to see come down the pipeline! Ben hinted that the company is considering offering some digital products in the future, as they are currently 100% analog. His enthusiasm for his job was evident and many students mentioned in the chat that they were really impressed and enjoyed the event!

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