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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 17, 2020

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The meeting started off with some introductions and reviews between students for
some upcoming exams. Julianna then officially opened the meeting, explaining to the
newcomers the importance of what AES does for the community and how to officially
become a member on the AES website. Micheal mentioned the upcoming AES events,
such as the significance of teamwork workshop, Warm audio's gear event, and Sylvia
Massey's microphone event. The group took some time to thank Trevor and Jimmy for
their time as officeholders in the CRAS AES chapter and to encourage them as they
head towards internship.

The topic then turned to the question of the week, which was
"In the last year, what was your best purchase for under $100?". The group spent lots
of time talking about their best audio related purchases over the last year, and many
hidden gems like the blue microphone arm were mentioned. The gear show and tell
kicked off with Scott and his Moog Subharmonicon. Next, Trevor showed his lighting to female 3.5mm and its common uses in the studio for iPhone connection.

Lastly, Jasen showed his blue microphone arm and how he uses it for his zoom calls. Julianna and Sydney then spoke about the upcoming PAMA event on manufacturing in the audio industry and they urged students to attend, especially for networking purposes. Micheal shared his new tip of the week on external SSD hard drives and their uses for running applications. The meeting continued with Trevor's critical listening and mix critique on a recent mix that he did with artists over the internet. The meeting ended with a group game of Kahoot that focused on Core Technologies.

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