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Aural Escuela - August 12, 2020

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In the current context of Argentine quarantine, and via videoconference, some members of our department of acoustics (one of the three main divisions of our Student Section) were summoned last Wednesday by "Indio" Gauvron and our Faculty Advisor Leandro E. Rodriguez to discuss about the confection of a precise calculator for porous absorbers (for a certain kind of a national glass wool in the first place) that will be adapted to the needs and materials present in our region.

This meeting also counted with the presence of Andrea Farina, who, also with Gauvron (both great references in the area of education and acoustics), proposed an idea of procedure to reach the objectives of this calculator that will take in consideration various parameters and physical properties such as flow resistivity, porosity of the material, ratio (size of the glass fibers), and dynamic viscosity of the air.

At the end of the meeting, the members of the section (Nicolás Fernández, Julián Ochat and Diego Flores) cleared some doubts about the incoming work, and then the guests of the meeting proposed a new gathering that will take part in the next weeks. Great expectation grows in the students that were then present, not only because of the professional quality of Gauvron, Farina and Rodriguez, but also for the educational humanity they emanate.

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