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Instituto Terciario TAMABA - April 28, 2020

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During the first weeks of June, the second "ITB" mixing competition was held for the entire TAMABA community. Students from the different official sound and music majors, as well as students from the intensive internal and remote courses, received a multitrack recording to compete.
33 mixtures were presented, the TAMABA faculty had evaluated this and the winners were the students Manuel Clemente, Elián Dominguez, Samuel Cestari and Bruno Barasbachi It is remarkable that all the participants received a personalized rating, explaining each evaluation topic that included creativity, development technical, stereoscopic image, hierarchies of planes, etc. Congratulations to all the participants! And many thanks to the jury of notables composed of Ezequiel Morfi, Dario Peñaloza, Andrés Mayo and Juan Cana San Martín

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