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Aural Escuela - July 27, 2020

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On July 27 2020, from our homes, we were part of a general gathering of our section. Five main subjects were treated:

1. "Audio Expertos 2020": we talk about a possible organization of the event, and also we discussed a list of potential speakers covering topics of interest, such as sound design approach directly related to the artistic, perceptual & acoustic part in the 3D world.

2. New members on our section: Welcome! Main group and department's presentation, list of projects with the aim that they can choose one or more to join, and general aspects concerning our section.

3. The "New Normality" and Audio: We make an informal analysis of the actual situation in the face of the new normality in the music & audio industry. It appears that, in terms of academic formation and interdisciplinary capacitation the new professionals could affront the changes on the industry.

4. 3D Acoustic diffuser: The Acoustics & Auditory Perception department made a proposal of development project related to room analysis and the future construction of 3D acoustic diffusers. Around this, the faculty advisor recommended some books like "Acoustic absorbers and diffusers" by Trevor Cox & Peter D' Antonio.

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