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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 6, 2020

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It's always a great for students to have an opportunity to hear directly from manufacturers and see their products and technology. Peter Tilley with Focusrite Pro did not disappoint! Part of our goal at CRAS AES is to help students grow into this community we call "audio engineering," and Peter's presentation stirs up that inner geek in all of us, walking us deeper into the community.

Sparing the details of introductions and the welcome, we jump right into Dante. With multiple new students attending, we start with the questions, "What is Dante? What is Audio Over IP?" From the responses and questions in the chat, it was apparent that students were quickly engaged.

Peter then gives a brief history of Dante before going into the even more important info. "Who uses Dante?" With so many manufacture logos on his presentation slide, it was difficult to not wonder if his list is even up-to-date considering the rise of this technology in professional audio.

His entire presentation, including answering questions from students, was about an hour. In that time, he managed to do a thorough walkthrough of Dante Controller and RedNet Control while even throwing in a strong introduction to Dante AV. He covers everything from clocking to latency, traditional vs. AOIP workflow, small audio networks to multi-room facilities.

Again, stirring up the geek inside all of us, one student asked, "What is the most memorable project you've worked on using Dante so far?" We were all amazed by his answer. Testing features of GPS clocking (basically, satellite clocking between two different places), they recorded someone in Scotland from London (a little less than 500 miles away). Using fiber wire for recording and GPS clocking, they were able to do a live recording.

If you have anyone who does not know about Dante or has never used Dante, consider hosting Peter Tilley with Focusrite Pro. His online presentation is professional and engaging, and it will not be a surprise if all students who attended tonight are Dante certified by the by the end of August!

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