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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 3, 2020

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CRAS AES is in its third week and continues to rebuild the student AES community in our new virtual format! Numbers have grown a little bit each week as more students newer to CRAS join the group and meet other students from other points in the program. The meeting opened to participants about 15 minutes early and began with some light introductions from officeholders and casual conversation.

Julianna, AES Chair, announced the official meeting start, and welcomed students to AES. She then introduced the current officeholders before moving into announcements and events. Julianna talked about the CRAS AES student chapter and what it represents in terms of AES as a whole. Students were then directed to the AES website in order to join as a member.

The question of the week was then posed so that students had time to consider it before answering later on in the meeting. This week's questions was, "What song/artist/band most inspired or encouraged you growing up?"

After this, Julianna and Jimmy (Vice Secretary) discussed an event coming up at CRAS by Peter Tilley from Focusrite/Dante, and Julianna shared some event links that will be hosted by Women of Audio and Women's Audio Mission. A few other student created resources were distributed as well. This then led to reminding students of open office positions as well as opportunities to become a mentor.

"Audio Gear Show & Tell," was led by MO this week, and has been more successful than ever due to everyone being at home and close to gear they want to show off! This week we got a closer look at a KORG nanoKontrol2, Warm Audio WA-47jr mic, some beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones and a Les Paul guitar, just to name a few!

The Question of the Week is then brought back to focus and each attendant was given time to answer. This particular question led to a very fruitful and insightful conversation by the attendants about some of the songs or bands that encouraged and uplifted each of them through difficult, personal struggles. It was a really wonderful time of sharing that brought together the group in a way that can be hard to achieve in a virtual setting!

The meeting was ended with a Kahoot! on fun "Did You Know" info about the school and teachers at CRAS.

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