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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - July 27, 2020

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CRAS AES in its second week continues to rebuild the student AES community in a new meeting format. Students have quickly caught on that the Zoom meeting room opens 15 minutes early for people to chat freely as upbeat music plays sets a community vibe.

Julianna, AES Chair, announces the official meeting start, and welcoming students to AES. Before moving into announcements, events, etc., Julianna introduces our question of the week to give students time to consider the question.

This week's questions is, "What part of Audio Engineering/Music inspires you the most?"

Next, with purposeful repetition, AES officers are reintroduced. Gratitude and congratulations were given to our graduating officers, Kelsey and Alan, as this is their last week as at CRAS and CRAS AES. This led to reminding students of open office positions as well as opportunities to become a mentor or lead AES subgroups. With this, extra time was allotted to discuss the purpose of subgroups. It was also announced that Kelsey's role as mentor would now be fulfilled by Sydney.

Trevor encouraged students to practice sound design and FX to submit for use on our AES virtual soundboard, and undetermined prizes FX voted to win. Michael also quickly encouraged students to create Zoom backgrounds to add a little more fun to the Zoom environment.

"Audio Gear Show & Tell," led by Alan, is a segment that began before classes were suspended due to COVID, and we were pleased to continue this segment as several students came prepared this week to share microphones and audio interfaces.

Transitioning from the discussion of audio interfaces, Kelsey announced future AES events added to the calendar. The first being with Peter Tilley from Focusrite to share about Dante networks and Focusrite's Dante enabled interfaces. The next event after to be with Ben Thompkins from Warm Audio who will share about the company, and have us take a closer look at the new WA47 Jr which was recently added to the laptop package the every stduents recieves when beginning the program!

For our tip of the week, Michael showed students how to use the oscillator in Logic to build a session specifically for ear training in frequencies. He suggested beginning with only 10 frequencies, suggesting the ones used in the API 560L. A later "upgrade" of the session to 31 frequencies, matching a 31-band EQ, could be done later. Further adding more frequencies after confident in those.

Moving on from ear training, Alan led students in a critical listening exercise to the likeness of a former CRAS student's cover of a Deadmau5 tune. Tracks were hidden and played as students took notes to share at the end of the playback. Though much of the feedback was in relation to instrumentation and voicing, some students added technical aspects in the song.

This week's Kahoot! draws from CRAS's core technology course, with the main focus on MIDI.

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