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Graz Student - June 26, 2020

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On June 26th, 2020 our annual general assembly including elections was held. Considering the current situation, the meeting was held virtually.
After a short review of the convention and last year's activities, the board was newly elected. As Vice Chair Philip Rohrmeier dropped out of the board and a new Chair had to be chosen according to the bylaws, quite a few changes were made. All votings were open and unanimous. The new board consists now of:
Chair: Leon Merkel
Vice Chair: Flora Feldner
Secretary: Georg Rebernegg
Treasurer: Felix Holzmüller

The board's committee-persons are now:
Auditor / Junior Community Manager: Jakob Siebenrock
Auditor: Nico Seddiki
Senior Recording Supervisor: Leon Merkel
Chief of IT Facility Management / Junior Recording Supervisor: Lennart Borchers
Chef de Cuisine: Maximilian Heindel
Student Union Liaison: Niklas Urban
Photo and Documentation Agent: Daniel Gruber
Paramedic: Johannes Solhdju
Workshop Supervisor: Alexander Mülleder

After a teaser for next year's upcomming events, the meeting was closed the inofficial debriefing at the pizzeria could begin. Thanks to all former boardmembers for their incredible work in these testing times and good luck to the new officers!

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