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Aural Escuela - June 26, 2020

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Last Friday two members of our section, Mauro Pires and Josefina Martino, did the first internal AES Student Section webinar for all the AURAL community (students, members, graduates) in this pandemic situation, replacing somehow the Club del Audio activities that we normally made presential on a normal basis in our school. The topic was Audio in the Home Studio, and it consisted on a survey of all the signal related path considerations, concerning hardware and software in the digital part, monitoring on the analog part, and also the MIDI traditional considerations.
In a total attendance of 54 participants, being the most of it students of initial levels on all of the courses, it was a great opportunity to show what AES is, an what it does to this advanced students: Mauro and Josefina, who did a wonderful job conducting a webinar and teaching for the first time! Mauro is a long-time section member -from the very beginning in 2018-, graduate of all the school courses concerning audio except one (Musical Production). Josefina, on the other side, is a new member -she started this year-, currently attending TEC3 classes. Both had a great work not only showing concepts, but also responding to the final Q&A section of the webinar.
This talk will be for all the audio community in the next month, and also this internal cycle will continue with other pair of our members talking about Acoustics in the Home Studio.

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