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Aural Escuela - May 29, 2020

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On May 29 of 2020 -from our homes- we were part of the monthly board general reunion of our AURAL AES Student Section. It consisted on a supervision of activities carried on this same month, where each moderator of each department informed the advance of each student in particular and the department in general.
The 3D Audio & Soundscapes department, as well as the Acoustics & Auditory Perception worked as planned, and the activities are reported in their respective meeting reports.
Finally, as far as the Audio & Electroacoustics department is concerned, due to the impossibility of working face-to-face in the school's workshop, where the assembly of the capsule of our tunable microphone project should be continued, we decided to think of an activity what involving members of the same department on a voluntary basis. This activity consist in the recompilation information and the bibliographic material construction about "Home Studio and its optimization" with the finally to offer a talk for all of the AURAL school students, on the denominated "Webinar in AURAL" virtual space.

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