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Aural Escuela - May 27, 2020

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On May 27th the 3D Audio & Soundscapes Department got together through the Zoom platform to carry out the monthly departmental meeting. As the first topic of the day, some members' advanced or finished soundscapes were discussed, specifically those of Julián Perasso, Diego Flores, Julián Ochat and David Joya. Moreover, it was agreed to have finished all the soundscapes by the date of June 15th with the intention of being able to make comparisons between different binaural decoders. This topic triggered the following theme: accustoming or auditory training when decoding. Since most members of the department use the same decoder (IEM), the next thing to test will be whether the brain gets used to a decoder or perhaps a usually unused one works just as well, better or worse.
Regarding the comparison of binaural decoding plugins, we are currently internally sharing between the group the ambisonics files of the soundscapes created by each one without decoding so that each member can try different decoders and do their own analysis. In addition to this, given the concern that arose from the use of the same decoder in general, it will be tested with different stimuli that will have predetermined positions (that only one member will know) to compare the results obtained. By contrasting them, we want to test in a slightly more objective way whether the constant use of the same decoder helps the brain in learning to externalize or not.
On the immersive audio text, specifically focused on ambisonics, progress was made in its structure and division. Next month we'll begin generating the content corresponding to each part.

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