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Toronto - May 26, 2020

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The Toronto AES hosted an online round table event with women and non-binary members of Toronto's audio professionals. It was an evening where the participants shared their experiences, their professional history, their mentors and allies.

Anthony introduced Mariana Hutten and provided her background. Ms. Hutten put this event together.

Tonight's event was recorded and will be posted on the Toronto AES YouTube channel.

Mariana began the evening by asking each of the speakers to introduce themselves and provide their background and current projects.

Then these questions were put forward to the panel:

How was it at the beginning for you?
Who were your Mentors and Allies in the business?
Do you have anything to relate regarding discrimination or being held back?
What are some of the actions we can take to make the industry more inclusive?
What are some statistics about inequality related to the industry?

The event was as much a lively discussion as it was simply answering questions.

At the end of the evening the webinar was open to Q&A via the online chat from attendees.

Questions included:
What is your favourite piece of gear/software?
Book recommendations?
Any recent records that blew you away?
Has anyone ever lost a job or been discredited for race or gender, and how did they overcome it?
How will the AES speak to the future re: inclusivity?

Anthony thanked, and mentioned, all the sponsors for this event.

Mariana thanked everyone for participating and attending.

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