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Aural Escuela - April 30, 2020

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Our Board & Faculty Advisor reunited via Zoom in the last Thursday from April. Here, each one of the members of the board (who command also each one of our student research departments) traded experiences and consulted the Faculty for some subjects (meeting report writing, acoustics, auditory perception, Ambisonics, soundscapes, and other things related). It is very important for all us to be in contact in this extraordinary situation, to support us, and thanks to that to support the entire section, who is in activity in spite of being unable to continue "normally".
Our president, Carla Gatica -in representation of our section- made a webinar concerning immersive audio, in the mark of the series of webinars that our professional section are doing al Thursdays via Youtube. We also talked of that, and of the constant support from our professional section, who also is in activity in spite of this pandemic.
Finally, we sorted short & medium objectives concerning this first part of the year, assuming that our quarantine period in Argentina will surely last till July.

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