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Aural Escuela - April 27, 2020

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On 4/27 we had a meeting through Zoom with the members of the 3D audio and soundscape department. The first topic discussed was personal progress in the construction of the soundscapes proposed in the previous meeting. We took the opportunity to clear doubts that arose while working on them. It was also proposed to keep on working with the mixes made by last year participating members of the department with the goal to finish polishing them and put together a final compilation.
On the other hand, we talked about the creation of notes about Ambisonics and immersive audio. Given the little progress in the last month on this topic, it was proposed to put together a shared document where each member would propose topics that they consider important to write about, dividing the notes into sections that will allow a user without knowledge on the topic to be able to delve into immersive audio.
Moreover, with the progress of mixes made and in progress, a binaural decoding experiment was proposed where each member will try to decode with ATK, IEM Binaural Decoder, IEM Adaptive Binaural Decoder, DearVR, Facebook 360 Audio Suite, Sparta Binaural Decoder and Waves NX the mixes made by the other members of the department and gather information on the degree of personal externalization achieved, which then will be exchanged taking into account different types of headphones available and plugin decoding process.
Finally, a new meeting was agreed in which we will make a comparison of conclusions and exchange of mixes for the end of May.

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