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Aural Escuela - March 30, 2020

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The new board reunited once agian on Skype/Zooom on March 26, and the new departments on the 27 and 30. The 27, the Acoustics & Auditory Perception presented the ideas for the year´s work, commanded by Tritz-Ochat. On the 30, the Audio 3D & Soundscapes (with Gatica at the front) and the Audio & Electroacustics (leaded by Pires) departments reunited on Zoom on two different, exclusive meetings. Resume:
-Acoustics & Auditory Perception: the work will be divided in two, the acoustics side will be conformed with members focusing on the design & construction of different kinds of resistive and reactive traps, diffusers and all types of hybrid internal acoustic treatment designs. The "perceptual" members will design a new binaural experiment based on the experience gained in the octophonic setup used in 2019.
-Audio 3D & Soundscapes: A new workgroup is conformed, in addition to each individual Ambisonics project. It consists in an anthropololigcreconstruction of several prehistoric and historic soundscapes, with different objectives of construction and development, with and audio-only philosophy (no VR or augmented VR).
-Audio & Electroacustics: The work in progress of our 1st order Ambisonics mic, and of course our special capactive sint mic must be finished this year! Also, new ideas were discussed, such as the building of an array of coincident speakers (maybe a dodecahedron) with moving capabilities.

2020 here we go!

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