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Spanish - February 1, 2020

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On Saturday, February 1st, 2020 the conference of AES Spanish section titled "Dolby Atmos in the immersive musical experience" was held at Ad Hoc Studios in Madrid with Ricardo Viñas (Dolby Consultant) and Mikel F. Krutzaga (Audio engineer and music producer). Viñas made a brilliant presentation on the characteristics of Dolby's technology and the possibilities that this immersive listening system offers for musical creation, an approach to this technology that connected with the exposition made by Mikel F. Krutzaga, who showed some of his works with record productions that had been mixed in Dolby Atmos, proposing alternatives to its use in the audiovisual production. At the end of the conferences an interesting debate was generated about the real possibilities of these mixes in music production, as a listening alternative to the traditional stereo. The debate raised issues such as the use of the centre speaker for the solo voice or the reverbs that could be used in this type of mix. After a tour of the studio, one of the best audiovisual postproduction studios in Spain, the annual members meeting was held in which the act of renewal of the section officers took place. After 14 years of presidency of Jesús Ramallo and after an electoral process to which a single candidacy was presented, Mercedes Lomas was elected as the new Chair. The new board is thus formed by Mercedes Lomas (Chair), José Javier López (Vice Chair), Marco Antonio Juan de Dios (Secretary), Fernando Fernández Del Amo (Treasurer), Vanessa Garde (Faculty Advisor), Roberto Klein (Webmaster and Community Manager) and Miguel Ángel González, Eduardo Molina and Jesús Ramallo (Committee).

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