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Aural Escuela - March 5, 2020

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On Monday 2 here in Aural, our institution officially began AES activities -both events & meetings-. From 2 to 6 PM we had the honor and the pleasure to receive two deluxe speakers in order to open our 2020 Academic Calendar: César Lamschtein and Iván Markovic.
César Lamschtein is our Latin America Vice President, so he is our maximum regional referent concerning regional AES activities. He not only helped us a lot in order to raise the petition to build our student section, but also came to our school from Uruguay to share knowledge, one of the main objectives of AES as an organization. He made us think, learn and enjoy his passioned and particular rhetoric in his talk "The infinite uses of the figure of 8".
After, we had the privilege to continue with another referent, our national AES president Iván Markovic. His inestimable help -each time we need it- was and is vital to the showing of our activities of our student section, and ... he too came to share knowledge with us! Bringing also with him his entire setup of control devices to show us -among other things- how he uses it in his flammant and very recommended talk "Organization and workflow at the service of the mix".
Lately, after a break, on 7 PM our student section had the first meeting of the year. With the always welcomed presence of Indio Gauvron and Ezequiel Morfi, the attendants defined the thickness of an action plan to this new year, which is filled with activities, growing, passion and commitment. And of course, of new members!
Thanks to all! Specially Iván, César and Ezequiel, for being also organizers of the talks.

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