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Japan - February 18, 2020

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HAC Studio of HUMAC CINEMA Inc. is a major post production company and has built a new studio "MA-4" in 2019. With using dark fiber to link main building and annex which is located across a crossing (approximately 100m away from each other), the main server sits in the main building but is fully accessible from the annex directly. In this system the engineers and their clients don't have to wait for long time to just copy session data to edit in annex or vise versa for example, which sometimes takes like an hour to copy whole data with video source included. Ms. Shimada is a chief engineer in HAC Studio and moderated MA-4 studio construction with Mr. Inoue who designed the whole system and Ms. Shigetomi, the acoustic designer of the studio. At the meeting, they explained the concept and design process of system and the room, and major interests of attendees were the details of acoustic treatments since the room is built on the third floor of a building tenanted by various kinds of offices and had influenced by sensible low frequency that outdoor units of air conditioner on the other floors make. The studio is very unique not only with its system and construction conditions, but also with the truth it is a women-driven project (the interior decoration designer was also a woman in Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co,. Ltd). The operation rate of the studio is nearly 100% since the opening, and has got great reputation already with its considered, comfortable space in addition to its sound and efficient workflow.

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