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Universidad de San Buenaventura - November 7, 2019

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"This meeting was about a project that is executing in the El Dorado International Airport and it is administrated by the company K2. This project uses multiple noise stations inside the airport and surrounding areas. These stations create a system and are connected to a "brain".
The objective of this project is to generate an environmental sustainability using four process: sustain, control, measuring and evaluation of the airport operation.
High precision monitoring is performed with analysis tools, working directly with the source, operation mode, air traffic control and land use. All the process and the system use a reference framework established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
It is important to say that exist a controversy by the using of the ICAO reference framework, because it is not a noise control regulation, but is more a certification standard.
The speaker also talked about the different airport that are in the process of the application this project and the advantages that the El Dorado International Airport has over other airports in Latin America.
The speaker named different areas and research topics that can contribute acoustically to the Colombian industry, based on detection, classification and identification of the noise, data validate and comparatives, etc., that benefit the noise control in the aeronautical industry.
Finally, the speaker talked to the assistants the multiple job options that the sound engineering can apply.
It wasn't possible to make and audiovisual record of the conference."

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