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Baltic - January 22, 2020

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Baltic sound engineers establish AES Baltic Section.

On June 10, 2019 audio engineers, educators and industry representatives from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania meet at Sounddivision studios in Riga, Latvia. In total 25 AES members and student members and 46 non-members were attending, with 11 from Estonia, 46 from Latvia, and 14 from Lithuania. As a direct result of the meeting, a number of people became new members of the AES.?

This first Baltic AES meeting was an intense day with presentations and panel discussions with Howard Page "Sound reinforcement design and optimization", Panel discussion A.Uze, S.Maesalu, V.Karpuska "Sound reinforcement for song and dance festival." Thomas Goerne "AES presentation", Sonarworks "External factor contribution in headphone frequency anomalies", Ergo Esken "VoIP hardware testing", Kauro Tafitsuk "Studio database presentation" and Raimonds Skuruls "Evaluation of loudspeaker's time properties, intermodulation, distortions and detailed tuning."

After a presentation and q&a with the VP Central Europe Thomas Görne, the AES members agreed during the following organizational meeting in an unanimous vote on the formation of a joint section, representing the professional AES community in the three Baltic states (17 votes in favor, no objection, no abstention.)

During the meeting the AES bylaws have been discussed and adopted, and temporary officers have been elected, with the Chair from Latvia - Krisjanis Geidans and Vice Chairs from Estonia - Janar Paeglis and Lithuania - Vytautas Kederys.

Now when our section is established we plan to create annual section events that will take place in the cities of Baltic states with topics that are relevant in our region.

Event was supported by audio software company Sonarworks and was organised with help from Latvian Music Export.

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