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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - January 6, 2020

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CRAS AES welcomed everyone back to school after our two week break for the holidays with our first meeting of the new year. Dylan began the meeting welcoming new students and current students back from Winter Break. A mic was passed around and everyone in attendance introduced themselves and reflected on the question of which career path they intend on choosing. Following that, school updates and upcoming events were discussed. Updates were then given by the student mentors. Then, our weekly topic was discussed. This week we dove into a critical listening exercise by examining The Beatles' song Obladi Oblada from The White Album listening for hidden background mistakes left in the recording and random background vocal additions deviant from the original lyrics that to the normal listener would remain unnoticed. After our critical listening, we broke off into our individual groups and discussed Live Sound, Music Theory, Music Production, Audio Business, Certifications, and Mentorship. Reconvening, we finished the meeting off with a traditional game of Kahoot, which quizzes students on class subject knowledge.

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