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Beijing - October 31, 2019

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AES Beijing members held a listening test event on October 31, 2019. The event was held at a hearing room in AES Beijing Training Camp, Ai Xinjufu.

The audio product is the JBL one-series 104, a Monitor for Multimedia, a new device of the famous brand JBL of the Harman Group.

I. JBL One Series 104 design concept and product positioning:
1) Design objective: cost-effective, elegant, limited volume, accurate sound presentation
2) Type: Compact, active speaker
3) Purpose: Portable, reference-level listening speakers
4) Scenarios: Desktop, Multimedia, Small Studio
5) Suitable for people: music producers, multimedia workers
6) Origin: Harman Professional AV Systems Division launched at the 2019 NAMM show

2. JBL One Series 104 Specifications:
1) Configuration: left and right two speakers, power supply, amplifier unit and interface, etc. are located in the main speaker;
2) Drive unit: coaxial, 4.5-inch (118mm) contoured bass unit and 0.75" (19mm) softball top type with treble unit
3) Inverted hole type: low-frequency inverted hole with profile
4) Output power: 60Watts, Class D amplifier (30 Watts per speaker)
5) Interface: Three sets of input interfaces for different usage needs
6) Adjustment function: The front panel has the main output adjustment knob, the headphone output and the speaker mute button

3. The assessment environment:
The event was based on a subjective evaluation for JBL One Series 104. First, the right application environment is created for 104:
1) Listening room: small simple listening room (simple wall local sound absorption treatment)
2) Placement: Computer desktop, left and right speakers, 92 cm
3) Sound pressure level: 85dB, at the sweat point
4) Source Player: The plug-in sound card with the Apple IMAC, played on iTunes

4. The evaluation personnel:
There are 7 listeners, composed of experts and AES experienced listening test members. Between the ages of 25 and 80, they work as research and development personnel, audio engineers, recording artists and related students.

5. Standard and sound source:
According to the subjective evaluation criteria of sound quality of AES-20 loudspeakers, the evaluation activity is guided by the simple process and method given in the «Listener's Manual for Subjective Evaluation» wrote by Prof. Zexiang Wang.
Listen to the evaluation of the program source using «the Program Source of Subjective Evaluation of Sound Quality for Electric Sound Product» (hereinafter referred to as "program source"), this program source is made in accordance with the national standard GB10240-88 «the Editing and Production Norms for the Program Source of Subjective Evaluation of Sound Quality for Electric Sound Product». The instructor who participated in the event was Professor Wang Zexiang, the responsible editorial board member of the program source.

Subjective evaluation uses terms:
1) Definition
2) Balance
3) Fullness
4) Smoothness
5) Brightness
6) Mellowness
7) Realness
8) Stereo effects
9) Overall Sound Quality

6. The evaluation process and results: (Abridged)

Thanks to the AES Society Beijing expert team and listening appraiser reserve team members in the busy process to participate in the evaluation activities of the organization and operation, while also serving as the listening evaluation of this evaluation project. They are:
Evaluation guidance: AES Beijing chief expert Wang Zexiang, "listening evaluator manual" editor-in-chief;
Project planning: AES Asia-Pacific President Wang Shusen, "Listening Evaluator Manual" Deputy Editor;
Electroacoustic performance: AES Beijing Executive Committee, Research Office Director Liu Zili;
Project commission: AES Beijing Executive Committee, member unit head Wu Chengzhong;
Project sponsor: AES Beijing Executive Committee, training base director Gao Aijun;
System installation: AES Training Base Instructor Assistant Wang Sheng;
Evaluation Assistant: Beijing University of Technology Student Party Yue Yue;
Evaluation record: AES training base project director Hu Zhengwei;

Finally, thanks to Harman China for providing evaluation samples!
To Aixin Jufu to provide evaluation venuetoe to express sincere thanks!
AES member units and partner companies are welcome to provide samples, AES expert team will be international and domestic relevant standards, the use of sophisticated subjective evaluation methods and processes for the performance and sound quality of the product to provide comments.
Interested parties contact Wang Shusen (WeChat: AES-BEIJING).

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Expert Group on Subjective Evaluation
November 5, 2019
Beijing China

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