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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - December 8, 2019

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The Post Production/Sound Design Subgroup met again to work on recreating the sound for a scene from Marvel Avengers. We started the meeting off by editing some of the dialogue we recorded from our previous session and discussing some of the ins and outs of ADR's role in post production. During editing we went through some key techniques including how to remove resonance from a vocal performance and removing unwanted mouth sounds (crackle and clicks) as well as how to spot a vocal performance to line up with a visual.
From there we jumped into the sound design portion of the night and discussed how to search for samples in a sound effect library. Then we created ambient sound effects to make the scene feel more alive and create a foundation for the rest of the sounds. We ended the night by having everyone contribute sounds for the "Giant Chitauri breaking through a building chasing Iron Man" scene and layering all of our sounds together.
The next time the subgroup meets we will be working on is finishing the remaining sound effects for the trailer and preparing a presentable video for an AES meeting.

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