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Universidad de las Artes - November 7, 2019

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A summary of all activities during the year were presented by Gabriel Sarmiento. Then, there was an open mic for all students who were interested to participate in the student board. The students: Jonathan Chafla, Estephanie Duarte, José Medina and Daniel Zamora gave brief speeches about their proposed activities for the following year. There was a strong intent to make all activities appealing not only to music production students, but to music students as well. Voting followed, members voted for two candidates and the results were:
Chair: Jonathan Chafla
Vice-Chair: Estephanie Duarte
Secretary: José Medina
Treasurer: Daniel Zamora
The faculty advisor announced the new advisor who will be advising the section: Giovanni Bermúdez and thanked the students who helped start our section for all their support and commitment: Gabriel Sarmiento, Samaela Campos, Mariuxi Ayllón and Joseph García. We welcome our the new board, and look forward to a great year at the AES UArtes section

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