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Aural Escuela - November 22, 2019

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On Friday 22, November 2019, the second half of Audio Expertos 1st edition was completed. The gathering was opened by our Binaural group of our student section, moderated by Rodríguez: Federico Lorenzo Martín, Ignacio Speranza, Christian Tritz, Gonzalo Montiel and Nicolás Fernández talked about binaural front/back confusion, showing the audience how they made psychophysical experiments on the subject. After the necessary introduction, concerning basic concepts (HRTF, BRIR, acoustic divergence and convergence, influence of visual stimuli, convolution, etc), the speakers showed how they recorded stimuli in the ECOS semi anechoic chamber (starting the first collaboration between AES sections in Argentina) and how they convolved the signals with the HRTFs extracted from BRIRs recorded in an octophonic setup here in our school, in order to make the experiment trials. In two different instances (one with acoustical convergence, one with divergence) the filters proposed by Yao and Chen in 2013 where tested. The results, and all the dissertation, can be viewed on:
Later it was the turn of the Microphones group. Moderated by Federico López, Maximiliano Osuna and Mauro Pires tell the audience about constructing capacitive microphones with special capabilities: with spectral selection and 1st Order Ambisonics. The guys learned a lot about acoustic to electric transduction, and of construction! They explained and showed the prototypes of both transducers, after the necessary concepts about acoustics and electronics. Link:
And for the end, all the assistants were prepared for big finale: the experts in audio dissertation. Elite regional referents in audio measurements were here in AURAL: Daniel Sinnewald, Indio Gauvron and Lucas Rubinstein. It was a multi-subject myth demolition party: cables, THD and IMD, jitter, the PLL role in AD conversion... and much more in between, with and audience asking a lot of questions (because of the knowing the academic weight of the speakers!). Thanks for coming here in Aural to share knowledge, it was awesome. Luckily, is here:
It is very important for us an audio school, and vital to our student section, to merge the work of our students with such great visitors once a year. This idea was made into reality by the collaboration between Aural and Argentina professional section, most specifically by Indio Gauvron. Thank you Indio, constant supporter and inspirational leader, this is the first of many Audio Expertos in the future!

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