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Aural Escuela - November 21, 2019

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On Thursday 21 and Friday 22 of November, here in Aural Audio School, we celebrated "Audio Expertos 2019": 1ras Jornadas de Divulgación Sobre Sonido. Our AES Student Section, in collaboration with AES Argentina professional section, defined the speakers and the contents. Iván Markovic, AES Argentina chair, officially inaugurated the event in our studio 2.
At the beginning of the first day, all the attendants had the privilege to be reunited in the same room were an historical public meeting was happening. Regional referents in acoustics were gathering perhaps for the first time in front of students, professionals and curious, wishing to talk to the audience of their personal experiences. Indio Gauvron -who also was the moderator- Nilda Vechiatti, Juan Cruz Giménez de Paz, María Andrea Farina, Gustavo Basso and Federico Miyara tell us a lot about their professional lives related with acoustics and offered invaluable visions about research, teaching, working tools, the strength needed to get over difficult situations... and be able to stay alert at chances, in order to be able to take advantage of the power of being curious and, in a way, respond to the call made by the science.
In an audio school who is mainly focused on studio recording, sound reinforcement, and musical production, it is very important for the students to see how it is possible to construct a successful career in other sound-related areas. Coming from speakers of this caliber, it was very clear. Each testimony, point of view, each answer for the questions made by Indio was received with warm, spontaneous hand clapping: the audience was receiving this information gladly. Thank you very much to all of you in name of those who made AURAL for coming here to make this kind of contact with future generations of audio professionals. Streaming video link:
After the experts in acoustics, it was the turn for the Ambisonics group of our student section. They gave to audience and introduction to Ambisonics, and specifically an analysis of mixing strategies above different projects were music is involved. Each member showed the workflow and the main objectives of each work (signal flow, plugins, automation, production philosophy) using binaural monitoring. Carla Gatica, Diego Flores, David Joya Galindo, Julián Ochat and Maximiliano Osuna did all of this, with the presence of Leandro Rodríguez (Faculty Advisor) as moderator. Streaming video link:
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