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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - November 19, 2019

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The Post Production/Sound Design AES Subgroup booked the Studio C live room for a night of superhero voice and foley acting for an ADR/Sound Re-Design of a scene from the original Marvel Avengers movie. This was an opportunity for students in lower cycles to see some of the Post Production lessons we learn during Cycle 7 classes such as how to run Pro Tools for an ADR/Foley session (count ins for the actors, slugs, playlists for multiple takes, etc.) as well as explaining some of the session's recording process such as using gobos for sound isolation, the microphone selection for ADR, and proper gain staging for recording dialogue.
We started the night by handing out scripts preparing the actors and actresses for their parts and setting up the ADR stage. Once the stage was set the actors choose their hero and delivered their lines as Bruce Banner, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and the Hulk. We ended the ADR portion of the night with the subgroup doing Group Walla as screaming civilians running from danger and a crowd of fans cheering on the Avengers.
Once the actors delivered their lines it was time to recreate the stage for foley. The foley actors gathered props ranging from cloth for Hulk's shirt ripping transformation to various pairs of boots for footsteps to a plunger hitting a cookie tray and frying pan for Iron Man suit impact sounds (of course). We recorded the various sounds in time with the scene and made some additional sounds with our foley toys for additional samples and by this time the night was coming to a close. 
For our next Post Production/Sound Design meeting we will dive into editing the dialogue and foley from the session by showing how to remove resonance from the vocal, removing unwanted noise and mouth sounds from the performance, and spotting the foley and dialogue with the picture. From there we will start creating the additional sound effects for the scene by layering samples from the CRAS server and having some fun with effects.

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