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Japan - November 7, 2019

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Four actual recording projects of rock/pop music with different immersive audio formats (22.2ch and 9.1ch) were introduced. The speaker, Mr. Howie mainly explained microphone setups of each project while focusing on the concept of channel arrangement and sound image at the playback stage. (The project of 22.2ch surround system also has been presented by Mr. Howie in AES 146th convention on March 2019 as titled "Pop and Rock music audio production for 22.2 Multichannel Sound: A Case Study") After the presentation all the participants moved to a studio at the venue which has 22.2/9.1ch playback system installed, to listen to all the recordings previously introduced. The concept that capturing and recreating the actual physical sizes of each instrument was fully perceived. Details of recording setups and treatment of EQ/phase were the main interest in Q&A. The number of attendees was relatively high despite the short notice of the section meeting, which shows a high interest in the topic.

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