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Central Indiana - November 14, 2019

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Guest speaker Gavin Haverstick of Haverstick Designs shared his insights on a variety of topics within the realm of acoustics in this joint meeting between the Purdue student section of the AES, the Acoustical Society of America, and the Central Indiana section of the AES. Mr. Haverstick began by discussing the need for acoustic design and consultation, as well as the often-difficult task of convincing clients that such design holds value. To that end, Haverstick Designs has focused on creating a number of online tools for clients to experience the effects of increased acoustic isolation, variability in reverberation time, and other auralization techniques that allow acoustic design to become more tangible to clients.
Mr. Haverstick then covered the basics of small room acoustics, focusing on ideal requirements for a critical listening space, such as a recording studio or mix room, including low frequency modal reduction (aiming for a response of ±5 dB through the low frequency range), reduction of potentially distracting first reflections, and the ability to translate material from the room to other systems and environments. A broad overview of passive and active absorption, diffusion, and variable treatment was presented, as well as optimized positioning for such placements through ray tracing, acoustic measurements, and room mode mapping.
Mr. Haverstick's presentation concluded with a series of case studies examining the practical application of the materials and techniques discussed in the earlier portions of the presentation. Such projects included project studios with demanding isolation needs, world-class commercial and private recording studios, and fine arts centers, amongst others.
The meeting concluded with a question & answer session discussing a variety of the covered topics, including questions about treatment calculations, business practices, future projects, and ways to become successful in the competitive world of acoustic design.

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