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Aural Escuela - November 14, 2019

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Past Thrusday the heads of each research group (Carla Gatica from Ambisonics, Maxi Osuna from Microphones and Christian Tritz, in replacement of Fede Martin who had to travel, from Binaural) reunited with the faculty advisor (Leandro Rodríguez) in order to review the final details of our participation in Audio Expertos 2019, on November 21 and 22 in our school.
We are very proud to show our work of the year alongside with experts of acoustics and audio in Argentina: Indio Gauvron, Gustavo Basso, Juan Cruz Giménez de Paz, Federico Miyara, Nilda Vechiatti, Andrea Farina, Daniel Sinnewald and Lucas Rubinstein.

Here is the complete program

Día 1 - Jueves 21
14.00hs 14.30hs .30hs Acreditaciones
15.00hs 18.00hs 3.00hs Apertura. Mesa de Acústica. Alcances interdisciplinarios de la acústica
18.00hs 18.25hs .25hs Break
18.25hs 19.05hs .40hs Presentación de producto: Planeta Analógico
19.05hs 19.25hs .20hs Break
19.25hs 21.30hs 2.05hs AURAL-AES SS. Mezcla en 3D en Ambisonics

Día 2 - Viernes 22
14.00hs 14.30hs .30hs Acreditaciones
14.45hs 16.30hs 1.45hs AURAL-AES SS. Confusión atrás/adelante en señales binaurales
16.30hs 17.00hs .30hs Break
17.00hs 18.45hs 1.45hs AURAL-AES SS. Construcción de micrófonos capacitivos
18.45hs 19.00hs .15hs Break
19.00hs 22.00hs 2.00hs Mesa de Audio. Rompiendo mitos sobre la alteración de las señales.

Accreditations are full. The event will we streamed live from the school Youtube Channel:

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