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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - October 21, 2019

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This week at the AES officer meeting Pete G. opened the floor with everyone introducing themselves and stating what city they are thinking of going to for their internship. Pete then introduced all of the AES officers as well as all of the sub-group leaders. A brief description of what AES is was covered for all new members and then continued into a discussion of last weeks event, part 2 of Alan Leggett's Mix Clinic. Alan showed students one of his finished productions, The Grey by Killing Spree. Sub-groups then broke out for weekly updates and upcoming meetings. We then watched a video of John Mayer's making of "New Light" made for IGTV. It was a neat exploration of Mayer's songwriting and production process. The meeting then closed out with the usual Kahoot quiz (Officers were again eligible to win the candy prizes!).

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