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Taiwan - October 19, 2019

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(1) Sonya works for Dirac Research AB, a Swedish company providing digital sound optimization solutions in any type of listening environment, including mobile, VR/AR, gaming, automotive, residential and commercial AV.
• Brief introduction of Dirac Research AB
• Success Stories
• Optimized DTS Mixing Studios with Dirac Live in Calabasas, California
(32 channels)
• Automotive
• Why we need room correction?
• To keep direct Sound and late reverbration
• Reducing Early reflections
• Theoretical Basics
• Characteristic 1: Impulse Response
• Characteristic 2: Frequency Response
• Loudspeaker — Room Distortions
• About Phase: Minimum vs. Mixed Phase
• Comparison: Minimum Phase vs. Mixed Phase
• Inverse Filter Design Issues
• How We Solve It: Dirac Live and Dirac Unison
• Dirac Live® technology
• Corrects impulse and frequency response
• A pre-compensation filter is designed for each speaker in a system.
• Suitable sweet spot
• Dirac Unison®
• Room correction for 5.1 or 7.1 or 14.2 and more

(2) Re-election Update
2-1 Schedule
- 2019/10/08 to allow everyone to register or recommend the candidates for the
presidium - Done
- 2019/10/19 approving the list of candidates for the presidium, and announce to
vote online for two weeks
- 2019/11/02 to end the election of the presidium and current chairman
announces the list of elected members.
- 2019/11/03 deadline of Supervisor candidate registration
- 2019/11/08 announce list of candidates for Supervisors
- 2019/11/23 section annual meeting , finalize list of Standing directors and
2-2 Nomination:
- Chair: Paul Fang
- Vice Chair: Micky Yang ?Paul Wang
- Secretary: Chien-Hsun Yen
- Treasurer: Ing-chyang Lin ?Huan Lung Huang
- Chief Tech Officer : to be recommended by Executive Committee
- Vice Secretary (new position) : to be recommended by Secretary

(3) Update on 1'st Audio Achievement Award
3-1 Award Category :
(a) Audio Achievement Award — for those members who make significant
contributions to their jobs
(b) Contribution Award — for those members who have special contributions to
AES Taiwan Section
(c)Special Jury Award — for those who make special contributions to audio
engineering industry in Taiwan
(d) Nomination Award — for those members who are nominated but don't win the
Audio Achievement Award
3-2 Received Works / Projects from 3 of the 8 Working Groups , which are
(a) Recording Technology , presented by Kungcheng Wang
(b) Practices / Sound Design / Analog , presented by Hanson Tsai
(c) Reproduction respectively , presented by Ming Hung Wang and Tong Hwei Lin
3-3 Result Announcement and Award Ceremony will be held on Annual
meeting of Nov 23, 2019.
3-4 It's considered to accept registration from non-members next
session, in order to encourage professionals and promote Audio Achievement
Award throughout audio engineering industry in Taiwan.

(4) S4 Recording Project
4 Mastering engineers have completed mastering. Presentation is estimated to
be held in early 2020 .

(5) AES Recommended Bibliography
In order to empower AES Taiwan section's education function , we strongly suggest members to recommend professional books about basic acoustics, recording equipment, recording technology, mixing principle and industrial history , then make a database of "AES Recommended Bibliography" to share and help those who are studying audio knowledge as well as skill.
We can start with 9 Working Groups that each group leader submits professional bibliography and include those books in database.

(6) The 9th Working Group
To add "Basic research and development group" (Basic training in
Sound Science) as the 9th group in Working Group. Group leader is Secretary Mr. Chien-Hsun Yen initially.
Each member is allowed to be in more than one group. The most important of all is that function and influence of each Working Group should be brought into play.
If funds for experiments, seminars or presentation is needed, please apply the grants to Secretariat.

(7) Other issues
7-1 to purchase live stream equipment for section events, and write an SOP to
manager/archive/ compile the index for live-stream files
7-2 There will be an event about 360 degrees sound display on Nov 22 at C-LAB.
We will invite members to visit.

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