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Sala de Audio - November 24, 2009

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On this conference we learn about the technology of the transmition of the television in high definition, the standards and the configurations for the audio 5.1.

The terms were:

• Digital Dolby- "Perceptual compression" Compression rate of 13:1 therefore there is loss of information. Format: ac3.
• 5.1- 5 channels with full frequency range, 3 in front and 2 behind, plus one more channel (the .1) with 10 % of the frequency range- around 20 to 120 Hz.
• Metadata- Name given to a group of data that accompanies the audio information; it describes and controls codification and decodification.
• Matrix- Multiple channels (Ltotal and Rtotal) which carry information for a larger number of channels encoded for transmission.
• Discrete Channels- Independent channels, as in a console. Intelligibility.
• Dolby E- Discrete channel "packer" in bundles of up to 8 channels. Medium for professional transport of information.
• Prologic- Decoder. Matrix system.
• Downmixing- Process by which it is ensured that the encoded information can be reproduced by all the systems: Digital Dolby 5.1, surround, stereo or mono. "ONE BITSTREAM FOR ALL"
• Dialogue Normalization- Process by which dialogue level between channels is adjusted.
• Dynamic Range Control- Controls the transmission's dynamic range without compromising audio quality- Lowers level without losing the important bits.

Information for the last 3 (the 3 Ds) is contained in the metadata.

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