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Sala de Audio - November 23, 2009

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In this meeting we learn about the new digital microphones, how they work, and the advantage of digital audio. In the new digital microphones the most important factor is to have a good analogue/digital (A/D) conversion.

Neumann went into the digital microphones market looking for the following:
• Top quality A/D conversion
• A dynamic range of around 130 dB
• Ideal coupling between the mic's capsule and electronics
• High impedance and capacitive source
• A power source in the nV order

In an analogue recording structure we would have a microphone with a range of around 130 dB followed by a preamp and the A/D converter (ADC) (there to improve the signal to noise ratio); a digital sound processor (DSP), a digital fader and then a way out. Neumann decided to use the AES42-2001; SBU; S/P DIF protocol out.

This experience was great, because we learn about new technology.

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