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Aural Escuela - August 30, 2019

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Last week we had the privilege to be part of the first collaboration between AES Student Sections in Argentina! ECOS Escuela de Sonido opened their doors for us, putting at our disposal the semianechoic chamber of their very own. Thank you Adrián Rallap, Academic Director of ECOS! And of course, thank you Indio Gauvron & Andrea Fariña, the designers & builders of the chamber.
We recorded synthetic and acoustic stimuli. Pink noise bursts, with a transfer function (in order to have some acoustic information of the environment to be analyzed later) and a snare drum from a studio monitor. These ones were categorized as impulsive, no-dynamic and constant broadband stimulus. Later, a home-made windchimes with old keys and human male speech (a quote from Tolkien´s Silmarillion, in spanish), both categorized as no-impulsive, dynamic and no-constant broadband. We´re going to use these audios in convolution with individual and generic HRTF´s in an imminent octophonic setup this month! We´re focused on testing some filters that apparently correct the front/back confusion on perceived binaural signals.

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