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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 2, 2019

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Peter Gjerset, AES Chair, opened the CRAS AES Monday night meeting by doing individual introductions around the room composing of name, cycle, and favorite vacation destination. Then there was a Mentor Team Update; Mentor study sessions are still Tuesday/Thursday from 7am-9am at the Gilbert Campus. For one-on-one Mentor sessions, email Peter then welcomed newcomers to AES and introduced the fundamentals of what AES is, as well as the benefits of membership. If anyone is interested in becoming an AES Officer, meetings will be one Tuesday a cycle. We then went over some upcoming events; The Ribbon Mic Build is now open on CRAS Connect; 15 people are needed to sign up by 9/9 for the build on 9/14. Also on 9/14 David Royer of Mojave Audio will be in the studio all day - we are looking for classically trained or expert musicians to help him demo his prototype microphones. Please email with what instrument and piece you can play. There is a mixing contest for the song "2213" by Wata- the submissions deadline is Friday, September 6th. The KRKs will be in Gilbert Studio B (8") and Studio C (10" 3-Way) until September 3rd when Casey Young will be joining us for an event. Going forward, AES Meetings will be in the Live Sound Room on Week 1 Mondays. For last week's events, Michael Allen of Waves Audio was here briefly before having to cancel the Thursday night event due to an emergency flight back to Florida to prepare for the hurricane. However, he was able to do a Q & A Wednesday night with the Women Of Audio and assisted Dave Kohr in doing SoundGrid Certifications. Sub-Groups did not meet in lieu of Alan's Clinic.

Alan Leggett is an Instructor at the Conservatory and former student. He has worked at multiple studios including El Dorado and Conway and has Engineering credit on a multitude of albums. Alan began by highlighting his personal struggles within the studio environment; Lacking confidence in your craft and dealing with people you don't know. As Audio Engineers we are required to be social even in times when we don't want to be- sometimes you have to fake it. Alan explained at some point he had to learn how to hang out and add to the vibe of a session instead of feeling estranged from it- feel out the room. When in the studio you need to use your common sense and be respectful to people's art; it's the artist's vision, not your own. Alan also highlighted the importance of connections and artist support (such as buying merch and albums). It's just as important to not play into gossip and to be smart and remain neutral when talking about others or responding to opinions. Keep your mouth shut, follow orders, and know where you rank in the room. Alan ended his talk with a general Q & A with students

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