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Beijing - August 11, 2019

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AES@PALM 2019 Professional Audio Symposium
During the 2018 PALM exhibition, the CETA ( China Entertainment Technology Association) and the AES (Audio Engineering Society) Vice President Wang Shusen with other senior members organized a technical seminar to give a wonderful speech, scientific discussion and guidance in practical application. The role has won a praise in the industry. The AES@PALM 2019 AES professional audio symposium covers all aspects of audio technology, including macro industry technology development trends, development trends, application areas of technical points and solutions, etc., are hotspots and focus issues in the industry.

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhu Xincun, chairman of the CETA, took the stage to deliver a speech. He affirmed the AES technical seminar and expressed his vision of focusing on technology and paying attention to the talent atmosphere. In the future, he will continue to increase the cultivation of talents.

Subsequently, AES Vice President and Board member Wang Shusen delivered a keynote speech on "AES Resource Sharing and Industry Dynamics Outlook".

In his speech, he first started with the core values of AES, introduced the origin of AES organization and made special contributions to the international audio engineering technology community. Then he introduced the AES International Conventions and Regional Conferences. Furthermore, he introduced the working methods of the AES Technical Committee and the Standards Committee and the contents of the latest projects. Then he lead everyone to browse the AES official website to guide them how to get rich audio technology resources online. Finally, according to the current industry dynamics, Wang Shusen also published some personal insights.

Then, Zhao Jian, a senior member of the AES, gave a speech titled "Design Points and Troubleshooting of AES67 Multi-Protocol Hybrid Network". He told the audience that AoIP has become the mainstream transmission technology in the professional audio industry, and it is integrated into large-scale IT networks. In addition, AoIP contains multiple protocols, causing master clock selection and synchronization problems in applications, and automatic inter-protocol. A series of IT technology challenges, such as management and management issues, management of multicast flooding in Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks, and setting of Layer 3 multicast routing domains. In addition, the troubleshooting of network faults is also far from the "signal chain" step-by-step troubleshooting method that professional audio professionals are accustomed to. These are the places where people in the industry need to understand and learn.

The conference has been going on for more than half of the time, but the audience is still concentrated. Let's take a look at what the next teacher will share with us. Lang Jun, a member of AES, gave a keynote speech on "Key Points of Gain Structure". He said that the correct setting of the gain structure of the sound reinforcement system is to create an excellent sound reinforcement system. One of the most important factors. In contrast, incorrect gain structure settings are one of the main causes of poor system.

In the final stage, Yu Xiao, the vice chair of the AES Beijing Section, shared the keynote speech of "New Trends in Sound System Technology". He said that the quality of the program source and the quality of the electroacoustic system enhance the auditory perception and sound reinforcement. The enhancement of form enhances the perception of auditory space. At the same time as the sound reinforcement system equipment is continuously developed and upgraded, there are still many problems in the engineering design, construction and commissioning of the sound reinforcement system, resulting in good equipment and good system not getting the good sound it should have.

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