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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 12, 2019

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On Agust 12th we opened the evening by explaining to our newcomers what AES is and
what they do for the audio industry. We then talked about our upcoming events with Peter P. He
gave information about the KRK event reschedule and our phenomenal instructor Sam Beckley
who is taking over the evening for a drum editing and triggering clinic on August 22nd. We then
discussed our continuing internship opportunities and the benefits of participating in them. After
the brief discussion of our internship opportunities, we announced the first meeting dates for the
new AES subgroups and what will be talked about in each groups first meeting. We then turned
our attention to the main topic for the evening with Peter G. he showed the music video for
"Color Show" by Billie Eilish and Ty Dolla Sign's performance on Tiny Desk Concert. After
watching both videos we held a discussion about mic techniques. Particularly in the Tiny Desk
video, we debated about how they placed the mics and the mics they used in order to maintain
a balance between the different instruments and vocals. We determined that it seemed the
microphones and artists were placed in a way so that the null point on each mic faced the
nearest and loudest artist in the small area they performed. That way they could reduce the
bleed in each mic in order to capture the best of the performance. We then discussed the
artistry and mic used in the Billie Eilish video. We recognized the Neumann U-87 as the mic
used in the video. It brightened up her performance and made for a very intimate feel. We then
closed out the night with our favorite way to study and prepare for the tests here at the school
with a short kahoot quiz to get us started for the incoming finals.

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