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Aural Escuela - August 8, 2019

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Last Thrursday we´ve got the privilege to receive Indio Gauvron in our school. He delighted us with a formal presentation of his recent recording activities in one of the most important symphonic halls in Argentina, the "Blue Whale" of the CCK in Buenos Aires. Also, he invited Andrea Fariña to talk about specific topics of large concert hall acoustics (thank you Andrea for sharing your knowledge with us!).
First, Indio showed to our students -mostly members of our section- the general aspects to consider in order to do a work of such magnitude, including points "por fuera del audio" such as production dealing, budgets, resources, working strategies and other related things. Concerning audio, we listened to a wonderful, carefully balanced stereo recording with enormous detail (clarity) with a great full range spectral balance (diffusion) with great, profound, concert hall feeling. These characteristics are usually distant poles in the sound field theory, but with knowledge of microphone specs and takes, well-made concert halls, physical theory and most important of all, good hearing, it is possible to merge them in one take!
Later he described all the direct field takes on the sources, related to suit the production requirements, with a lot of very clever solutions. All these descriptions were made with the high detail and passion that characterize Indio as one of the most important audio divulgators in our territory.
To finalize, he gave his impressions about the concept of sound fidelity: in his words, a concept that depends almost exclusively on the advance of audio technology.
Thanks Indio for such an inspiring master-class. We hope we can have more of you and Andrea in the near future!

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